AGS in Wien


Vertreter der AGS und Kollegen aus dem EU- Raum beim Treffen der  SE4DS in Wien 

Gastgeber: Der SWV (Sozialdemokratischer Wirtschaftsverband der SPÖ). 

 Für die Bundes-AGS mit dabei: Ralph Weinbrecht , Dr. Thorsten Heinze und Dr. Dieter Falk

Bild: v. li. n .r.:

Dr. Christoph Matznetter (Präs. SWV Österreich), Remco Boas (Rote Unternehmer NL) Ralph Weinbrecht (Vors. AGS), Dr. Thorsten Heinze (Stellv. Vors. AGS), Patrick Ardoin (Nationale Wirtschaftskommission, Sekretär der CNE) , Dr. Peter Falk (Beis. Bundesvorstand), KommR. Thomas Schaden (Vizepr. SWV Niederösterreich)



SE4DS-Meeting in Vienna at the invitation of Renner Institute AustriaVienna, June 14th – 15th 2019

Renner Institute, Canettistraße 8, 1100 Vienna, Austria

Start: Friday 14th, 13:00 h

End: Saturday 15th, 16.00 h

Chaired by Thorsten Heinze


Ardoin, Patrick France PS, CNE

Dr. Falk, Dieter                     Germany          SPD, AGS

Dr. Heinze, Thorsten           Germany          SPD, AGS

Dr. Matznetter, Christoph    Austria            SPÖ, SWV

Schaden, Thomas               Austria             SPÖ, SWV

Weinbrecht, Ralph              Germany          SPD, AGS

Boas, Remco                      Netherlands     PvdA, Rode Ondernemers


Margreiter, Doris                 Austria             SPÖ   (Only on Friday)


1. Introduction

After a short introduction of the participants and their personal backgrounds they introduced their organisations.

Remco Boas joined the meeting as a newcomer. He is Chairmen of the Rode Ondernemers, associated to the SDAP (Social Democratic Workers Party of the Netherlands).

Patrick reported from the meeting commemorating the 68th anniversary of the “Montanunion” on April 18th in Paris. The documents of that meeting will be shared in the dropbox by Thorsten together with these minutes.

2. Synopsis of the SE4DS Member Information

Dieter explained the xls-sheet and the difficulties to get information from the members.
The following discussion was used to understand the sheet and to fill in still missing information about how the member organisations of SE4DS are constituted and organised.
The discussion that followed was about the need of the connection of the member organisations to a social democratic party in their country.

3. Discussion and results

1. Who can join SE4DS
All agreed that

1. All working groups / organizations of self-employed and/or entrepreneurs that are part of a national party that is a full member of PES (or an associated party of PES) can be member of SE4DS by signing the “Declaration of Accession”.
2. Organisations that are not directly linked or part of one of such a national party or that are part of a party that has an observer status of PES must fulfil some conditions that are supporting the social and democratic idea and ideal.

3. These conditions must be outlined in the statute of SE4DS.

2 Form of Organisation

All participants agreed that the first choice for the location of founding the SE4DS-Organisation should be in Brussels. However, at this moment we do not have a Belgian Member and the formal requirements for such a founding are still unknown. An EEIG (European economic interest grouping) (Europäische wirtschaftliche Interessenvereinigung (EWIV)) may be a possible solution.

Until the next meeting in November (Innovation Award in Berlin) the requirements should be clarified.

3 Statute

Dieter will adapt the statute of PES as a template for a SE4DS statute and distribute it by July 1 (done). The following vertices where postulated:

1. The statute should have an executive committee and a member’s board.
2. The executive committee is elected from the members.
3. Organisation which is member of a SD party (see above) can join the member’s board.
4. Organisations which are not part of a SD party of their country get an “observer status”.
5. For organisations in countries outside the EU the regulations of PES will be adopted. They can only join in “observer status”.
6. If there are more than one SD party in a country, they can join, even if the party is member of PES (resp. the rules mentioned above).
7. All members can propose new topics to discuss and to have official SE4DS position about them. For example, the question of having scientific and technologic advisers for each socialist party in order to have better knowledge before any position or decision.

4. Joint Vienna declaration by SE4DS

Christoph explained the draft Main topics and facts:

  • -  Social and economic situation of self-employed in the EU

  • -  Fair competition situation with big companies

  • -  Crowd-working and click-worker situation

  • -  Situation of profit taxation in the EU

  • -  Objectives for Europe

-  Harmonization of taxes by a common tax base and a tax rate corridor in the EU
Main aspect for SE4DS should be the equality of rules; that means equal rules for companies and self- employed in every EU-State AND equal rules for self-employed and big companies

All participants agreed with the joint declaration.                                                                           5. New Member

We kindly welcome the Rode Ondernemers as a new member of SE4DS

Remco signed the Declaration of Association.                                                                       Hartelijk welkom Remco!                                                                                                                                                               6. Follow-up work                                                                                                                   I. All members are asked to look for a possible organisation form for SE4DS by 15.07.19.                                                                                                                              II. Remco will get access to the SE4DS homepage to create some content

III. The next meeting of SE4DS will take place in Berlin in November (tba) in the Willy- Brandt-Haus alongside the annual Economic Reception (“Wirtschaftsempfang”) and the Innovation Price Award of the AGS.
IV. The participating countries are asked to name potential price winners after the price regulations are released by AGS
V. SWV (Sozialdemokratischer Wirtschaftsverband Österreich in Wien) offers a secretarial structure for the start-up phase of SE4DS. Thank you very much!
VI. Remco will collect information on the regulation concerning minimum hourly rates for self-employed in Holland and Sweden.

July 1st, 2019      Thorsten Heinze